Craig Haycock (Pat Smear)



Craig has been playing Rhythm Guitar for several years and started his musical career playing in Punk cover bands at venues throughout the UK.

After a small break he decided to start doing some Dep work for other bands when needed, and after doing a few gigs with the Food Fighterz he decided that he would really like to part of this great band, which led to a full time position.

Hes devoted to being the best Pat Smear possible and that definitely comes across in his live shows.




Stage Gear


  • Epiphone Les Paul Custom
  • Epiphone SG 400
  • Marshall JCM 2000 TSL 100



  • Zoom G1Nu Effects
  • Boss DS-1
  • Reverb Pedal
  • DT-1 Digi Tuner
  • Muzizy Noise Killer
  • Space Time Delay
  • Volume Pedal


Favourite Foos Song

Monkey Wrench


Favourite Riff

​​​​​​​White Limo