Matt Handley (Taylor Hawkins)



Matt has been playing drums since 7 years of age.


He has played in a covers band for the past 4 years, and covered a variety of bands including, Foo Fighters, Artic Monkeys, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, AC/DC and Led Zepp just to name a few, playing to crowds throughout the UK at various Pub Venues and Festivals.


Matt is a Huge fan of of the Foo Fighters, and his obsession is making sure that every single beat and fill is as close to Taylor Hawkins as possible, to give the ultimate Foo Fighters experience, and it certainly comes across in the way he plays.

Stage Gear:

  • Kit - Pearl Vision (Birch)
  • Cymbals - Zildjian K&A Custom
  • Sticks - Promark 747 Kashi Oak (Neil Peart Edition)


Favourite Foos Song



Best Foo Fighters Drum Part

My Hero